General News Mon, 31 Jul 2006

…‘Look At His Ugly Head’ -MPs insult Mpianim

Presidential Affairs Minister, Mr Kwadwo Mpianim, last Thursday received the back lash from Members of Parliament, for what they described as a clear display of arrogance, on the part of the Minister when he meet the MPs in Parliament to discuss their welfare issues.

Some NPP MP’s were so angry that they even described the shape of Kwadwo Mpianim’s head with derogatory language. The Minister, who, many in political circles referred to as the De Facto Prime Minister, because of his strong influence on the President and At the seat of government is said to have told MP’s in a close door meeting that government can’t up their salary.

Kwadwo Mpianin was in Parliament, to deliver the President’s respond to the demands of the honourable members of the Legislature, as far as their salaries, and other welfare issues are concerned. Sources close to the majority side told The Enquirer that the conduct of the Minister was unacceptable, and amount to disregard for the institution of Parliament.

According to The Enquirer’s sources, Mr Mpianin’s way of handling the welfare issues of MPs on the floor during the close sitting, angered most MPs especially the back benchers of the majority side, most of who are not ministers and so never enjoys the largesse of ministerial office.


The MPs told this reporter that they don’t want to leave office and go begging, and so there is urgent need to address the issue once and for all. “We are getting frustrated; some of us are regretting becoming Members of Parliament, this whole business is a bother, the legislature is not being treated fairly,” said an MP.

The debate got murkier when the minority side drew the Speaker into controversy, when they advocated for an improved condition for the number three man in the country. One could hear the screaming from the main chamber even though the place was locked to prevent any intruder from entering. The meeting was attended by only the 230 men and women who from the legislature.

They MP’s were said to have heckled the Minister for greater part of his contribution during the close sitting. The Enquirer can confirm that after a lot of exchanges between the legislature and the Executive represented by the Minister, the Speaker had to intervene to cool tempers. Some majority MPs who spoke to The Enquirer expressed total disappointment in their leadership, especially, Hon Felix Owusu Adjapong, for ignoring their cry for improved conditions of service.

Others also complained to this reporter that because the majority leader is a close ally of the Presidency, he is very comfortable and would’ never put in a word for us’. I wish J.H. was the Majority leader, he is such a nice person, and would always encourage you, discuss difficulties with you” another angry MP told The Enquirer. The MPs contended that the executive is not interested in their welfare, and the leadership in the Legislature would not make any effort at meeting your needs.

Source: TheEnquirer