General News Tue, 30 Sep 1997

MP For Talensi, Calls For The Construction Of Dam In The Region

The MP for Talensi, Mr.. John Akologu Tia, has expressed concern about reports of poor rains in the Upper East Region and the subsequent food shortages that will follow. Speaking to the GBC in Accra, he said in order to reverse the perennial food problem in the area, the government should embark on a programme to provide the communities with small scale dams for irrigation. Mr. Tia appealed to the government to mobilize food for the area to avert any hunger there. He further appealed for credit facilities for farmers' groups to increase food production. On electricity, the MP disclosed that the District Assembly has earmarked 150 million cedis for the purchase of poles for Tongo and four other towns. Mr. Tia appealed to the Ministry of Mines and Energy to connect towns in the area which have already erected their poles. End.


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