Mad Gizelle Runs Off With ‘Twins’

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 Source: NEW CRUSADING GUIDE

This is the third story that addresses the chronic lies by Madam Gizelle Yazji, who is back on the Ghanaian airwaves with her worn-out, discredited, ugly noises and allegations. This story was originally written by Thomas Fosu Jnr., and published on pages 1&3in the Daily GUIDE of August 17, 2005,

The woman who has planted herself at the epi-centre of the Hotel Kufuor saga, yesterday, exhibited another bundle of contradictions when she took a sharp U-turn, claiming that she had twins by President John Agyekum Kufuor.


Speaking to Joy FM’s Matilda Asante yesterday afternoon, Gizelle Yazji, a Syrian, said she was in London, from where she would arrive in Ghana, tomorrow Thursday, with her twins, John and Philip, whom she had earlier announced dead about a month ago.

According to her, she had already done DNA tests to prove the paternity of her children, adding that, she would do another one in Ghana.

Gizelle, who had, until yesterday, preferred being addressed as “Madam”, has denied consistently, that she had twins, or had any amorous relationship with Ghana’s President.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ivor Agyeman-Duah, Counsellor/Minister (Information) at the Ghana High Commission in London, who spoke to Joy FM, to ascertain whether Gizelle has processed a visa for “Philip and John”, stated that there has not been any visa application for the two kids, to enable them to travel to Ghana.

When asked whether he had enquired from the Ghana Mission in the US, he said his counterpart in Washington had also, confirmed that, there has not been any such visa application for “Philip and John”, to enable them to travel to Ghana, adding that, for any such international trip, there must be such visa application.

“There has never been any such application for anyone”, Ivor Agyeman-Duah stressed.

An observer who spoke to Daily GUIDE, added that, “even pets like dogs and cats, when they are to be carried along on international trips, must be documented, let alone human beings like the resurrected, Gizelle’s ‘Philip and John’”.

We reproduce the unedited verbatim report of her interview with Joy FM, portions of which sound gibberish. Please, read on: ? Gizelle Yazji (GY): Hello, hello, hello, Bringing the children to Ghana.

? Matilda Asante (MA): Which children? Names.

? GY: John and Philip Kufuor.

? MA: These are the twins you allegedly had by the President. Is that correct?

? GY: That is correct.

? MA: So, tell me specifically. What is it then that you are coming to do in Ghana? We have heard a lot of things you are going to do. We want to hear it from yourself.

? GY: I am going to Ghana to tell Ghanaians. Give evidence, taking with me all the evidence in the hotel gate and all the plans. Everything, of course. Everything. Yes. Because technology is advanced but I am taking every evidence with me to show that the President is the one who led the deal in the hotel, and other issues.

? MA: Now, you are saying that you have got evidence. Do you have documents, for instance which name President Kufuor used as owner of the West Airport Hospitality Industry? I believe that is the name of the hotel?

? GY: No. I don’t have any document. It does not show that the President has signed the form with any bank, or ombudsman, or the money to show that the President is capable of buying the hotel. Also, about his daughter, and the daughter has signed that, I was the President. Anything, and public meeting we had with the President, we have a whole conversation with the President.

? MA: So, do you have a taped conversation that will tell us that Mr. President is lying about the hotel on your behalf, or what?

? GY: The whole conversation was a long conversation, and many opportunity. The President was telling me exactly how to do the thing. How to talk with the people. What to offer. What not to offer, telling his son what to do, also. Things like that. I am a professional. I am a lawyer. I know what I am doing.

? MA: Now, tell me this, are you trying to establish that the President has been involved in an act of corruption, or you also, want to divulge your personal relationship with him, because if I recall, you denied before that you bore the President’s twins, and, all of a sudden, you said you were coming down with President’s twins.

? GY: I am going to ask you. I am traveling with my twins, because the President said I was not anybody intended to grant conference to the press. And I want to show the people that my children do not want President Kufuor, but they are his sons, and are Ghanaians. And also, I have never lied, but I am a successful woman, and I am not after what other women can do, but here I have been asked many times on this issue, and the CNTCI and I opposed immediately everything, because I have saved $300 million to be cost and stolen for the country. You cannot remember that. Of course, it was a long time ago. And I am going to show that every contract has been filed overdraft 150 per cent. I want to show you the whole country. They are saying I am a liar. I am a blackmailer. I am not a liar. I have never been a blackmailer, because I don’t need to blackmail anybody. I am honest woman. I don’t have to do that.

? MA: So, this is all to prove that the President is corrupt. Is it?

? GY: That when they are meeting in the G-8, and the world, because the people is starving. And they taking over-pricing on the contracts, and the money coming Ghana, going to Africa. Other issues like buying hotels and industries, and any other factory, it does not make sense. Today, you go and asked for money, and the money is not given to the people.

? MA: Now, let’s return, briefly, to your children, whom you described as John and Philip Kufuor. Is that correct?

? GY: The name is John and Philip Kufuor. Yes.

? MA: How old are these children?

? GY: They are two years, and three months old.

? MA: And you say these are the children you bore for the President?

? GY: Yes. You have asked me already, and I said yes.

? MA: Because they can be verified by DNA testing and all.

? GY: Yes, I am sure. Thank you for your advice. I know that. I EVEN, HAVE THE DNA.

? MA: So you would then prove to Ghanaians that they are really the President’s children. As an educated and high-profile woman, one of the things you need to prove is that DNA test. Do you have that kind of evidence?

? GY: Yes, and I am going to request it in Ghana also. I am going to request, because I don’t need anything, nothing for my children, because I live like King (Queen). I honour my children. I have already honoured my family.

? MA: I am going to ask you the final question, because when your name came up at the press conference, one of the things the President said, was that you were doing well for the government in negotiating on their behalf, but the fallout came when you requested for some commission on a $15 million contract the government was seeking from Kuwait. What do you know about that?

? GY: Ok yes. I found out whatever His Excellency the President has said, and I know that he was lying. First of all, I never requested any commission, because as a professional, if I had the commission, we could make contract, because nobody will ask for commission, verbally. Nobody. And I would like to see where is the contract. And I am a professional, not going to work for a long time, without a contract signed between the government and me, because nobody will like spending money from country to country, and after that, maybe, they will say not. We have no money. We did not sign any contract, and I don’t request for money, as the President said.

? MA: You didn’t sign any contract, Madam Yazji (interruption).

? GY: Please, let me finish. No, let me finish. And the President said the contract, the $15 million contract for energy, was singed at time of NDC. This is not correct. Yes, the NDC brought the first stage in their time, but what we are talking here is the second stage, and I am the one to make everything come on, because I went in February, in 2003, with the Minister of Finance. I took him there, and on May 2003, this contract was signed, because of my work. And I never requested any commission from the President, or the Minister.

? MA: How did you expect to get paid? You are professional you tell me, and you were working with the government, so there was no contract, or whatsoever?

? GY: No contract, whatsoever, because I never had any personal relationship with anybody from any government, where I worked. In the case of Ghana, I had a relationship with the President, and for that relationship, I do not accept anything to be paid.

? MA: If I understand you correctly, you were working for the people of Ghana, because you had a relationship with the President. You would have started from a point. You did not come to Ghana on relationship, before you started working. There should be basis for your engagement.

? GY: I will tell you, the first time I want to come to Ghana. I went to Ghana for 3 days only. I remember this British Airways on a night flight. Next day at 9 o’clock. I was meeting the President. I did work with anybody by the President. He asked me to help him with an irrigation project, and the hospital of Korle-Bu. I went to these 3 days to go and suspect the lagoon where there is going to be the irrigation project and also the hospital.

? MA: And for that, you did not ask him how are you going to pay me for this job?

? GY: Because, for the first time, as a professional, you did not ask for money, because you don’t know whether you can do it or not. If you are a curious person. And I am a curious person. When I left Ghana, I was in Spain and received call on a Tuesday from the President, telling me it is up to me to decide. He was in Malaysia. And it is left one day for him to come to Ghana. And then, where everything started. And I started working very hard for Ghana, because I wanted to help them, to get projects for his image and this country.

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