General News Mon, 21 Jul 2008

Mahama embarks on American tour

Accra, July 21, GNA - Dr. Edward Nasigrie Mahama, Flag bearer of the People's National Convention (PNC) on Monday embarked on a two-week international image building tour of the United States of America. The tour would offer Dr Mahama an opportunity to interact with Ghanaian communities in some cities, meet American business executives, and exchange political notes with seasoned Africa/American politicians, the PNC Flag bearer told the Ghana News Agency in a pre-departure interview in Accra, shortly before embankment.

Dr Mahama said the trip would also be used to consult eminent African/Americans on broad based national and international developmental Issues, especially on the geo-political trend, its effect on Africa and Ghana in particular and invite international observers to come and monitor December general polls.

The PNC Flag bearer said the party would introduce its Election 2008 Manifesto "Service with Honesty," which was launched in Tamale recently.

The 83-page book, focuses on a wide range of issues, including national economic morass; the legacy of 20 years of PNDC/NDC era worsened by eight years under the NPP rule.

The continuing agenda of the Nkrumiasts; PNC political commitment; its foreign policy; the resumption of the tradition of probity and accountability; widening the voter net; local government; consensus for every critical policy issues; economic objective and commitment; and restoration of public and investor confidence in the economy.

Other were; strategies for self-reliance, reducing costs or increasing revenue; improvement in tax collection; rural development; urban concerns; energy and industrialization policy; tourism; labour issues; protection of the right of the child; education, housing, law and order; terms and condition of service; security agencies; the legal system and medium to long term measures.


Dr. Mahama explained that the degenerating of the economic and social conditions in Ghana over the past few years have forced him and likeminded Ghanaians to search for the means and methods of effecting the needed change.

"I sincerely believe that the main factor that has prevented us from nurturing the new Ghanaian is the rampant waste of human potential in our land. Our current national system of governance has been grossly irresponsible, is opaque, devoid of probity and lacks accountability to the population," he said.

He said over the past seven years under the New Patriotic party's misrule, Ghana has sunk to its lowest depth in rampant corruption under a government that is bent on staying in power, even if this continues to worsen the economic plight of most of the population.

The PNC Flag bearer said: "Here is a government that restricts itself to friends, party cronies and spiced with a sprinkling of equally predatory foreigners whose desire for wealth makes them indifferent, even while they bleed Ghana into trauma and anemia".

He said these factors were the same conditions that former President Jerry John Rawlings and others of his clique of self-styled revolutionists used as their justification for their treasonous coups d'etat, respectively of 1979 and 1981.


Dr Mahama reminded Ghanaians that Election 2008 offers the electorate the opportunity to sincerely join forces with PNC to identify the blocks to our individual and national progress, support and boost the healing and rebuilding of Ghana's economic and heal the social wounds.

He urged leaders to exercise the appropriate levels of modesty, show irrevocable commitment to transparency, accountability, probity and honesty.

"Each and every one of us needs a change in our individual attitudes. I believe that I can be trusted with the leadership of our nation. What our country needs most is principled and honest leadership.

"If the people of Ghana elect me as their president, my ceaseless duty will be to galvanize all the talents and energies available to us, regardless of our respective political persuasions, religious beliefs, age, gender and ethnic roots," Dr Mahama noted. The PNC Flag bearer assured the nation that: "We shall and should all work together in changing the current system for the betterment of all so as to achieve this new state of affairs.

He said under the government of the PNC the people would be empowered to take responsibility and initiatives that would enable each of us to bring something to the market, not just to go and buy and resell.


"A PNC Government would consider all citizens of Ghana as shareholders in our national enterprise called Ghana. We shall establish a most enabling environment, using the views of all who have practical ideas to contribute to the commercial, social and economic development of our country.

"We shall cherish role models in business, the professions, trades, science, technology and other pursuits. Instead of penalizing, victimizing and harassing role models, as has been characteristic in the past," Dr Mahama said.

Dr Mahama urged Ghanaians to reject the propagandist effusion "that even though Dr. Mahama is the finest and more articulate Flag bearer he cannot win the election.this is false; I have the capability and ability to win, Ghanaian electorate should give the chance to bring real change and hope to all".

Source: GNA