Mahama receives backlash after 'attacking' Martin Amidu

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Mon, 9 Nov 2020 Source: peacefmonline.com

A number of political pundits have expressed disappointment in former President John Mahama after he 'attacked' Special Prosecutor for naming him as Government Official 1 in the Airbus Scandal.

Mr Mahama in reaction to Martin Amidu's Assessment report on Agyapa Royalties said: “Amidu goes and presents Agyapa investigations and I thought he was a man enough. They say investigate Agyapa, so present a report on Agyapa. If you have investigated Airbus, present a report on Airbus."

“In the Agyapa report, you know that it is going to be damning of this government and so you go and put one paragraph there about Airbus. Nobody asked you about Airbus. If you were man enough, present Agyapa and do a report on Airbus separately and then I will come and answer you on Airbus.

“But because he is a coward and they knew Agyapa was going to be discussed today, he put a paragraph on Airbus to equalize the discussion. What stupidity is this?”

He has, however, received backlash for using the words 'coward' and 'stupidity'.

Adomako Baafi of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) speaking on Peace FM morning show 'Kokrokoo' questioned why the Presidential candidate of the NDC has 'taken to insults' and asked him to behave like a statesman.

Listen to him in the video below:

Source: peacefmonline.com
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