Mahama slams Akufo-Addo for running nepotistic government

John Mahama Sosp Former President John Dramani Mahama

Wed, 12 Sep 2018 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Former President John Dramani Mahama has accused President Akufo Addo of nepotism in the appointment of individuals serving in his jumbo size government.

Mr Mahama was accused of running a government full of family and friends by some members of his own government and then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

But the former President insists the current situation where family members of President Akufo Addo are found in almost every key government position is hypocritical and makes mockery of the criticisms against him while he was in power.

“The thing is in politics be careful what you say because tomorrow it will come and haunt you and that’s exactly what’s haunting them. Family and friends government when it wasn’t true, now today relatives everywhere. And then when you raise it…nepotism, they say oh no no no it doesn’t matter if it’s the President relatives it depends on whether they are qualified. Oh, whether they are qualified, who doesn’t have qualified relatives. I have degree holders and PhD holders in my family. That’s what I said in Bolga, getting qualified relatives, oh, I have plenty.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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