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Mahama to France, Akufo-Addo to UK – Captain Smart reveals the medical destination of Ghana’s leaders

Captain Smart GEG 1 Godsbrain Blessed Captain Smart, suspended host of Angel FM’s morning show

Sat, 15 May 2021 Source:

Godsbrain Blessed Captain Smart, the suspended host of Angel FM’s morning show, has bemoaned the situation where Ghanaian presidents seek medical care outside the country.

Captain Smart told KSM on the KSM show that, the reason most Ghanaian leaders renege in their responsibility of improving healthcare delivery in the country is that they do not experience the poor service the common Ghanaian enjoys.

Captain Smart during the interview revealed the destination for some Ghanaian leaders when they want to seek medical care.

He said, “When Rawlings was sick, he went Switzerland. Professor Mills goes to US. Mahama to France. Bawumia and Akufo-Addo go to the UK”.

Captain Smart reckons this is the case because the leaders do not trust the healthcare system.

Captain Smart is of the view that Ghana is seen as a ‘cemetery’ for the politicians as most of them preferred to be buried here instead of the place where they go for healthcare.

“If you give someone something and you despite it, it means what you gave the person is poison and if eaten, he or she would die. That is why the hospitals they claim to have built for us, when we go we die and they go to London, America and die. They’ve turned Ghana into a cemetery so you’ll be here and there will be an announcement that this minister or president is dead”.

He noted that most citizens fall prey to the actions of the politicians because the politicians themselves are ‘blind’.

“The Ghanaian follows the politician blindly because the politician is also blind. It is the reason they all fall together,” he stressed.

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