General News Thu, 14 Mar 2019

Maiden SAMSPOP was a success

Friday 8th March marked the maiden SAMSPOP event in line with the global theme 'balance for better'.

The event which was held at the heart of Accra, Airport City, was hosted by Lady Sam and three panellists. Psychotherapist panellist, Patience Osekre, advised the exclusively invited audience that in order for women to be balanced they needed to be emotionally sound, meanwhile, Deputy MD for Ghana Commodity Exchange, Tucci Ivowi, told the women that to be a leader, amongst other attributes, they needed to be confident, focused and allow the results to speak for themselves.

The event was attended by predominantly women who were engaged and entertained throughout the night. The third panellist, Eunice Toryni made reference to the five sisters in the Bible who petitioned Moses to claim their fathers land as in those days when the father died the land belonged to the male heir - but in the case of these sisters there was no male heir, therefore, they challenged the status quo and made a claim and were granted their request.

According to Eunice, this was a story that needed to be told for women to understand that they do have power and can challenge the status quo.

An attendee, Georgia Adjei, said she found the SAMSPOP event empowering, educational, encouraging and fun. The evening was sponsored by Carnival and Awake purified drinking water by Kasapreko Company Limited and CapeMay properties.

MD of CapeMay Properties and director of Kasapreko CSD, Eunice Adjei, noted that the program was classy and informative and looked forward to subsequent events.

Source: Capemay