General News Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Making health care accessible in rural Ghana

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MAZA is an organization providing urgent health transportation for remote rural communities in Ghana

This 25% gap means unskilled delivery at home, which increases the risk of women losing their lives, their baby’s, or both.


This is compared to a gap of only 2% in the urban areas.


MAZA is working to close this gap through reliable quick-response transportation



This is what motivated Dr. Nana Twum-Danso, MAZA’s founder and CEO. During her many years of working to improve maternal and child health in rural areas in Africa, this gap stood out very clearly.

She often heard from doctors and midwives committed to saving lives how frustrating it was when patients showed up too late to be helped, and from pregnant women on how difficult it was to get to hospital on time when labor started because of long distances, bad roads and few transportation options.

Even though they are able to  schedule non-urgent antenatal care on market or other days when transportation is available in their remote communities, they did not have access during labor when urgent transportation is needed.


Source: generosity.com