General News Wed, 4 Apr 2001

Mallam Issa is Out - Mahama

The Leader of the People's National Convention (PNC), Dr. Edward Mahama, has stated categorically that Mallam Yusuf Issa, the former Minister of Youth and Sports is no more the acting Chairman of the PNC.

Speaking to the Chronicle in an interview yesterday, Dr. Mahama said the decision to relieve Mallam Issa of his post was taken by the National Standing Committee of the PNC and it is therefore irrevocable.

Mallam Issa on the other hand insists that he is still the acting chairman of the PNC.

Dr. Mahama said the PNC as a policy had decided that certain key personalities in the party should not accept positions in the NPP government.


"We felt this would compromise our position on certain policies and handicap our ability to articulate our own views on how Ghana should move forward", Dr. Mahama said, adding that it was on this basis that he did not accept the offer for nomination as Minister of Health.

He said the PNC anticipated some problems with taking positions in an NPP government when they had not sat down to discuss policy issues.

For instance, they have opted for HIPC, but we are against it, as we are against fuel price hike which they have resorted to", Dr. Mahama said.

He said the PNC wants to be free to articulate its own views without any encumbrances.

Source: Ghanaian Chronicle