Man accused of being 'VIP robber' reveals motive behind social media ‘war’

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Sun, 15 Jul 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A party to a heated social media ‘fight’ that has gone viral over the past few weeks has provided insight into what triggered the exchange of derogatory messages.

The social media banter involved a series of ‘silly’ pranks played among two people who are reported to be friends over issues that aren’t so clear at the moment.

One of the people engaged in the act, Peter Paradise, has provided an explanation which in his view explains why the issue has gotten out of hand and gone viral on social media.

Peter Paradise was accused by one Amankrado Awuah of being an armed robber who has specialised in robbing victims travelling long-distances on VIP buses.

Peter Paradise had earlier declared Amankrado as dead on social media, designing posters and pictures of dead, decaying bodies alleging that was the state of his friend.

But an unremorseful Peter Paradise disclosed that the banter was started by some people he know led by Amankrado who first spread information that he (Peter Paradise) was dead, a situation he stressed pushed him to retaliate.

His retaliation did not go down well with Amankrado who played a more dangerous prank on him by sharing a video which contained pictures of him (Peter) with a narrative claiming that he was an armed robber.

Explaining the rationale behind their constant attacks at him, Peter Paradise observed it is as a result of a disagreement over some wrong social media practices his supposed friends engage in.

He said some go to the extent of threatening ladies with their nudes and blackmailing them, a practice he has fought and continue to fight against.

Peter Paradise who was speaking to Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV, asserted that he has had banters with several people both known and unknown to him and so was ready to match anyone ‘boot-for-boot’.

“I am not the only victim of this. It has been done to more than two ladies. Information has been circulated by one Gina that she sleeps with dogs, Tulip has been said to use Lizard to make soup, Tracy Peprah is said to be mad and myself, look at the allegation levelled against me and so it is clear that is their character. They have now resorted to fake accounts to undertakes these dastardly acts because they know if I come into contact with them, I will deal with them. Pardon me, but if they want to show they are crazy, I will show them I am crazier. So unlike others who will let things slide, I will not I will match them boot-for-boot” he remarked.

“On my Facebook page, I have insulted a lot of people. Some people make the argument that I insult people even though I do not know them but my response is simple. The policemen and Ministers who are insulted by bloggers have they ever met? They insult them without seeing them or meeting them but act just on hearsay and rumours. And so in same vein, If I notice for instance you have insulted the president, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, I will also come and insult you. That’s how I am” he stated emphatically.

V.I.P Jeoun Transport Services, operators of VIP buses have released a response on their Facebook wall distancing themselves from the ‘silly’ pranks and clarifying issues regarding their buses.

The post read, “There is a viral video warning people about some armed robber who is used to patronizing VIP. We wish to state clearly that, there is no truth in it.

It is a revenge video made by one Amankrado, a radio presenter in USA against one blogger, Peter paradise so as to push their popularity far by adding VIP to their silly social media ‘fight’.

The Peter paradise guy had earlier made a video telling viewers that, the Amankrado guy is dead. The Amankrado guy decided to seek revenge by labelling the Peter paradise guy an armed robber. VIP wish to use this opportunity to assure our numerous customers that, our long distance buses have police escorts in mufti.

Various policemen at the barriers make sure night buses are having police escorts by stopping and checking before the bus is allowed to continue.”

Peter Paradise has indicated that he has reported the issue to the Police as it has implications for his reputation and dignity.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com