Crime & Punishment Wed, 4 Oct 2017

Man overcomes robbers despite being shot in the chest and arm

A sheer heroism of a forex bureau attendant led to the arrest of a member of an armed robbery gang at Kingsby Junction, Achimota in Accra.

The victim brushed aside two shots at his chest and arm to engage one of the robbers in a fierce struggle leading to the arrest of the robber and the retrieval of two pistols and four live ammunition.

According to the Accra Regional Police Command, financial agencies within the Mile 7 policing district have been under rampant attacks from armed robbers.

These robbers, the police alleged, engaged in their nefarious activities both day and night, taking advantage of the working routine of residents to attack their victims. The police said the robbers, most of them come from Ashiaman, survey the area on motorbikes and strike when the situation is convenient.


On Friday, September 15, for instance, two suspected robbers attacked a Forex bureau at Kingsby junction, Achimota with a pistol. The suspect, Solomon Klutse entered the bureau and shot one of the attendants twice in the chest and left arm. The victim however mustered courage and engaged the robber in a fierce struggle leading to his arrest.

The second suspect managed to escape on a motorbike. A week later, another armed robbery gang attacked a mobile money vendor at Mile 7 park and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

Meanwhile, Solomon Klutse, who was arrested on September 15 has been remanded into police custody by an Accra Circuit Court. Solomon pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted robbery, possession of firearms without lawful authority, unlawful entry and attempted. The police have since impounded a total of 38 motorbikes most of which are unregistered.

Source: 3news.com