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Man receives donation from someone he helped in the past

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Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source:

In another case of journalism gets results, Peter Barasu, the man who confessed to having spent his money on alcohol and women has received help from an anonymous man.

Footwear seller, Peter Barasu is full of gratitude after receiving cash from someone he helped in the past.

Last Wednesday, December 30, Peter had an interesting chat with DJ Nyaami on Daily Hustle. Peter has been selling footwear for over three decades and according to the sender, Peter gave him shoes when he needed them.

He watched the interview and recognised him immediately, calling onto SVTV Africa to donate to Peter on his behalf. Presently, the sender lives in the USA and wants to remain anonymous.

Peter, on the other hand, could barely remember who he was but showered blessings on him and the SVTV Africa platform as well.