Crime & Punishment Thu, 17 Nov 2011

Manhunt For Pastor Alan Cash

AN ASHAIMAN ‘man’ of God who allegedly defiled a 13-year-old girl and has gone into hiding is wanted by the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU).

The ‘man’ of God, whose only name DOVVSU officials at Ashaiman got as Pastor Cash, is said to have suddenly packed his personal effects and vacated his rented room at Old Turaku, an Ashaiman suburb, shortly after getting a hint that his shameful act had been exposed.

Narrating the alleged incident to DAILY GUIDE, the Ashaiman DOVVSU Coordinator, ASP Jennifer Bolah, noted that a complainant, Pastor Ralph Ladzanku, reported to her unit that a 13-year-old pupil of the Ashaiman Government School who lived with him had been defiled by the said Pastor Alan Cash.

The complainant alleged that during the night of September 29, 2011, he, together with other members of his church, had gone to Ashaiman Old Turaku as part of a church programme held in that area.

The victim, whose name is being withheld for ethical and legal reasons, was said to have also gone with Pastor Ladzanku to the venue where the programme was taking place and was said to have later complained of stomachache. This subsequently compelled the complainant to look for a place for her to rest while he preached to the congregation.

A wooden bench which was in front of a house closer to the venue for the church programme was what Pastor Ladzanku settled on as he asked the victim to rest on it, with the promise that he would fetch her after his sermon for the night.

Pastor Alan Cash, whose church’s name is not readily known, reportedly came out and saw the 13-year-old sleeping on the wooden bench and was said to have questioned her as to why she was sleeping on the bench.

He reportedly asked her to come to his room where he claimed she could rest until her caretaker was through with his church service for the night.

His innocent victim, according to the DOVVSU boss, allegedly followed Pastor Alan Cash into his room to sleep.

Shortly after the victim fell asleep, Pastor Alan Cash reportedly defiled her, after which he strongly warned her not to disclose the incident to anyone.

The complainant was said to have detected that the victim walked with some difficulty and quickly confronted her; a situation which let the cat out of the bag. She confessed that the pastor had defiled her.

Pastor Ladzanku quickly reported the alleged incident to the Ashaiman DOVVSU and a medical report form was given to him to send the victim to hospital for examination.

After visiting Pastor Alan Cash’s residence several times and not meeting him, the Ashaiman DOVVSU managed to get his mobile phone number and invited him to their offices for questioning. He was said to have insisted that the investigator in the case, Detective Inspector Ernest Kekemeh, explain to him why the DOVVSU unit was looking for him. He reportedly declined to answer calls to his mobile phone and was said to have secretly packed his things out of his rented room, perhaps to avoid arrest for defiling the 13-year old pupil.

ASP Bolah appealed to members of the general public not to hesitate to report to the nearest police station any time Pastor Alan Cash was spotted.

He is believed to be hiding around Legon where he is rumoured to be operating his unknown church.

Source: Daily Guide