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Fri, 13 Apr 2018 Source: Raymond Smith

A new series of Media Sales development Programmes dubbed the ”Media Marketplace” has been opened for media professionals who desire to learn and excel in their chosen profession.

Under the framework of the Africa Media Sales Development (AMSD) and championed by Brandtrendz, 3knity Konsortium, PrintCourt, GreenSpace and partners, aspiring young sales professionals will be equipped with the skills needed to break in and succeed in the fun, competitive and fast-paced environment of the media industry.

The programme has become even more necessary at a time when the media landscape in this country is getting ever more competitive by the day with media houses fighting for the same share of advertising and promotions budget.

Media Sales admittedly is one of the most difficult and challenging professions anyone could choose. It has become more challenging especially in Ghana where the media industry is over populated with each media institutions looking for common revenue (Cash) to manage their day to day operation of the business.

Interestingly, many media sales department have set targets, lowered them but still sales executives have managed to miss these targets due largely to a multiplicity of factors including a lack of proper understanding of the terrain, lack of professionalism etc.

But the cost involved in running a modern media house, however small, keeps soaring by the day. Without commensurate revenue from sales to take care of the overhead cost, any media house is destined for closure and many have already or heading towards closure.

AMSD promises not just an exciting new career for young men, women in the media industry but an olive branch for many media houses likely to be strangled out of business for lack of better sales.

To this end, AMSD will provide a thorough design for professionals in media revenue generation departments; a design that will take into consideration a practical, up to date support for sales professionals at all levels and across all media platforms- radio, TV, online and interactive media.

With experienced sales professionals on board, AMSD promises prospective applicants who desire to pursue a life, a rewarding career in media sales can be assured of an informative, educative, in depth interactions, with compelling industry insight on new trends of the “Media marketplace”

The paramount objective of AMSD is to help in developing successful sales habits for media houses that can increase sales referrals, boost confidence levels and deliver great customer service every time.

A product of AMSD media marketplace will no doubt have a professional mindset; improve productivity, techniques, increase on ROI- return on investment and develop successful prospecting skills.

For more details on the AMSD including venue, time etc contact email; brandtrendzgh@gmail.com or interact with us on Facebook/Africa media Sales Development.

Source: Raymond Smith