General News Wed, 31 Dec 2003

Meteorological Department cautions

The Meteorological Service Department has cautioned farmers, fishermen, hunters and drivers to be extra cautious during this harmattan season.

This is because the season is characterized by poor visibility, which could hamper their activities, Mrs Ayi Lari-Naa Juati, Chief Meteorologist at the Kotoka International Airport, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

She said this harmattan season is expected to last well into February 2004 and would be characterized by warm temperatures in the afternoon and cold temperatures at night.


She said, mist and fog patches would prevail over forest areas in the mornings and visibility would be reduced to less than one kilometre and this meant that people should be very cautious.

"Water droplets reflect and refract light making visibility very poor: Hunters could misjudge human beings as game, drivers could also misjudge distances and fishermen's operations could be affected." Mrs Juati said the atmosphere from the Brong Ahafo to the North would be very dry because of very low humidity thus making grasses and bushes highly flammable.

"Users of fire at this time should take extra care in order not to start bush fires which could destroy human beings and property." She said there would be hazy sunshine that dries up the atmosphere and traps the heat, which could cause respiratory problems. She said it would be advisable for children to protect themselves against the cold at night adding that people should use cream on their skins to protect them from getting dry.

Source: GNA