General News Sat, 26 Dec 1998

Mills calls for caution on roads

Accra, Dec. 25 The Vice President, Professor John Atta Mills, today called for an accident free Christmas and expressed concern about the loss of lives on the road due to reckless driving. Speaking on a Ghana Television Breakfast Show programme, Prof. Mills said government should not increase investment to provide medical care only for it to be used on accident cases which could have been prevented. " Accidents could be prevented if we are a bit careful, " he said and urged the public to be courageous in checking drivers who over speed and to refuse to travel on vehicles driven by ''drunken drivers''. On the economy , Prof. Mills said that " we must be doing more in agriculture and not leave agricultural production to the vagaries of the weather.'' He said '' 1999 will not be a rosy year, we still have more work to get the economy off the ground.''


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