General News Thu, 1 Aug 2013

Mills warns Mahama againts corruption - Evangelist reveals

The late President, Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, is reported to have sounded a sonorous warning bell from heaven to President Mahama not to imitate him but operate from his own expertise and crack the whip when the need arises or risk being plucked out like a tomato by members of the New Patriotic Party.

According to the Head Pastor of the Perfect Will of God Pentecostal Church International-Ghana, Evangelist Bernard Ayikoi Okine who disclosed this to The Al-Hajj in an interview, the late President in a vision instructed him to tell his successor to remain focused and firm and punish individuals whose action or inactions contravenes the laws of the land.

Evangelist Ayikoi Okine who described himself as the late President’s armour-bearer stated that the late President Mills asked him to tell Mahama that “he does not have the same grace like him, so he should not superintend over the country like he did; Prof. Mills said, …the President must not leave any wrong unpunished, he must ensure that he deals with all the people whose actions have caused the nation.”

This same man of God some few days back narrated to this paper how the late Prof Mills on August 16 last year visited him and told him about how he died and also had a message from the late president for Mr. Kwesi Pratt.

According to Evangelist Ayikoi “Prof Mills also directed me to tell President Mahama, accommodate Kwesi Pratt Jnr because he loved and defended him when he was alive and even after his death”.

He said, President Mills’ death was natural and not orchestrated by any person as being speculated: “nobody had a hand in my death… he also told me that, he laid his head and hands on his desk and what happened after that was a process between him and his maker to reach a destination.”

The Evangelist said, the late president instructed “me to tell his wife, Mrs. Naadu not to be confused into believing that he was killed… he also asked me to tell his wife that Rawlings was never his enemy but it was situations that made it looked so.”

“The late president told me that there will be a new order in the NDC under President Mahama, and the pillars of that new order are three leading figures of the NDC,” Evangelist Ayikoi Okine added.

According to him, the late president revealed to him that under the “new order” under the leadership of President John Mahama: “the core mission of the new order is for the president to crack the whip and must learn how to say no to bad things.”

Evangelist Ayikoi Okine added that Prof Mills has also instructed him to tell the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt to stop attacking ex-President Rawlings in an attempt to defend him in death.

Source: The Al-Hajj