General News Mon, 12 Jul 2010

Minister’s Car In Hit & Run Accident… Victim Dead!

The family of Jonathan Atsu Azakasi, a 37 year old carpenter who on 6th May, 2010, was hit and killed by a Mercedes Benz saloon car on the Sogakope road in the Volta Region, are up in arms with Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, Member of Parliament for Kpong-Katamanso, and Minister of State at the Presidency over insurance claims and burial arrangements for the deceased.

The Minister, according to family source, has “failed to visit the bereaved family to even say have my condolence”. According to the source, when the family contacted Mr. Afotey Agbo, he argued that since he was not in the vehicle, he could not be held responsible.

The Benz saloon car with registration number GS 1280-09, with an MP sticker on its windscreen belongs to Mr. Afotey Agbo but confirming the accident to The New Crusading Guide yesterday, the Minister explained that he was not in the car when the fatal accident occurred and so could not be held liable for the accident “… yes, the Mercedes belongs to me but I gave it out to some friends who wanted to take it to a funeral in the Volta region”.

According to a source, the driver of the vehicle, Proper Dzene, immediately after hitting and killing Azakasi who was riding a motor bike, fled the accident scene but was later apprehended by some youth who sent him to the Sogakope Police station.


According to the Minister, ever since the accident occurred, he had been so busy with national assignments particularly with the Flood Committee and therefore had not had the time to visit the bereaved family to express his condolences. He however said his friends who were using the vehicle had assured him that they were in touch with the bereaved family and that the District Chief Executive of South Tongue was mediate.

Lance Corporal Dennis Mensah of the Sogakope Police Station who confirmed the accident to this reporter last Friday disclosed that families of both the deceased and the accused “had agreed to settle the matter out of court”. He however explained that the Police “could process the matter for court whenever the bereaved family wanted.” Lance corporal Mensah also confirmed that three days after the accident, the vehicle which was earlier impounded was released to the owner.

The family however smells a rat at the swift pace with which the Mercedes Benz vehicle was released to the owner. The source explained that since the vehicle had been released, it could not be tendered in as evidence in court.

The source further explained that ever since the accident happened, it was only on one occasion that a “delegation of a sort from Dabala came for a meeting but since the people involved in the accident were not part of the two member delegation”. The deceased left behind three kids, a wife and a blind mother.

Source: The New Crusading Guide