Ministry For Hajj?

Sat, 29 Dec 2007 Source: GBC

Former deputy minister calls for separate ministry for hajj

A former Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs, Alhaji Mocthar Bamba, has called for a separate Ministry which would be in charge of organising Hajj to ensure successful pilgrimage to Mecca. According to Alhaji Bamba who was also the chairman of the Hajj Board in 2001 and 2002, the creation of a separate Ministry would put an end to the perennial problems of stranded pilgrims in Accra and the loss of life and property.

He told Radio Ghana in Kumasi that although the problems inherent in the organization of the Hajj are very worrying, they could be solved.

Alhaji Bamba blamed the situation partly on frequent rate at which the Hajj board is changed and the activities of agents many of whom dupe the pilgrims.

Source: GBC
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