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Missing seaman leaves family stranded

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Every work has its own occupational hazard. Fishing is no exception but with fishermen or seamen, even with calculated precautions, there is still a huge danger when on the sea.

The family of a missing fishing observer is stranded after their son failed to return home when all his colleagues had returned home.

Emmanuel Essien who was assigned to the Meng Xin 15, a Chinese Vessel operating in Ghana, has been reported missing for about a month now.

His colleagues allege that the vessel returned from its deep-sea operating without Essien.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, brother of the missing Sea observer, Bernard Essien said, his brother didn't want to go work on that day until he had a call from work that he should report to work.

"That day, he didn't want to go work, he was contemplating on going to work or not. Besides he also made mention of quitting the job after some time. So while we were all in the room, he had a call to report to work and also get some provisions to be used while on the sea. Having no other option. He dressed up and left for work. Weeks later, the vessel returned but without him. We're calling on government and stakeholders to help find our relative" he added.

Bernard further told host, DJ Nyaami that, the issue has since been reported to the Tema regional police and waiting for the outcome of the investigation.

Asked if the family is aware of happenings, he said "Yes but we are yet to tell our mother. We are waiting for things to calm down before informing the old lady"

Meanwhile, the Executive Director for the Center of Maritime law and safety, Kamal Deen says, stakeholders within the maritime space must intensify investigations to find Emmanuel Essien.

The retired naval captain noted that there are some critical questions that needed to be answered.

Source: svtvafrica.com