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More contradictions at Emile Short Commission

Emile Short Commission Soep The three-member commission is headed by Justice Emile Short

Wed, 27 Feb 2019 Source:

The Justice Emile Short Commission since it commenced sitting, has witnessed several contradictions from witnesses that have appeared so far.

The first three witnesses that appeared before the Commission: Interior Minister Ambrose Dery, Minister of National Security Albert Kan-Dapaah and Minister of State in charge of National Security at the Presidency, Bryan Acheampong started the contradiction spree.

According to Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa, “The first day was very revealing, a lot of contradictions, inconsistencies . . . The Minister of National Security actually said that as far as he’s concerned the shots that were fired were six, meanwhile his other counterparts did say something different. He also mentioned the name of the officer who led the team there but Bryan Acheampong said he wouldn’t say that but wants to meet the commission privately and give out the name . . . One contradiction is that the National Security Minister did say the vehicle that was used was a police vehicle, meanwhile, the person in charge of Ghana police, that is the Minister for the Interior confirmed what the IGP and his team told us that they did not know these officers, and, so, for me these are very worrying times.”

Subsequently, SWAT team leader DSP Samuel Azugu appeared before the Commission and as part of his testimony he said unlike reports that several shots were fired; only six warning shots were fired.

However, this position was contradicted by the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George who presented 28 spent casings and one live round (making 29) of which he claims were picked up by someone from the scene of the shooting during the violence that marred the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election.

Azugu’s claim was again contradicted when DSP Abena Benewaa, East Legon District Crime Officer took her turn at the Commission’s sitting.

Per her testimony, there are 39 spent shells available which indicate that more than six shots were fired.

2 spent shells

According to her after the violence, she went to the scene (Bawaleshie) and “I saw two young men (JHS students) and I inquired because I saw them with two spent shells in their hands so they directed me to the actual scene which happens to be the parliamentary aspirants house (Delali Brempong) . . . they told me they found them around the school park; close to a location meant for garbage collection; they said they found them after the men (masked operatives) had left the scene.

37 spent shells

DSP Abena Benewaa said one Youth Chief of Wala also has in his possession 37 spent shells which he’s refusing to give to the police.

“I had the collection of the empty shells captured (this was after he refused to hand them over to the police) . . . he is the youth Chief of Wala; he failed to mention his name; it was from my inquiry that I gathered he was the youth Chief of Wala in Accra. I gathered he lives around Weija . . . Inspector Sulley (the detective who spoke to the youth chief) said after he asked for the spent shells from him (youth chief), he said he wasn’t going to do so but he would allow him to take a picture of it; he said he was going to use it to make his case . . . he (youth chief) counted them and he said they were 37 spent shells."

If all these reports are anything to go by, it means, 68 spent shells have been seen so far

Sam George contradicts EC

If you may recall, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa when she appeared before the Commission said the violence that occurred at La Bawaleshie electoral area did not disrupt voting.

However, according to a video evidence submitted by Sam George, the EC officer in charge of the area took the ballot box and went into hiding in one of the classrooms.

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