General News Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Mornah proposes tax discrimination

Government has for weeks now indicated there will be an imposition of new taxes on goods and services. The new tax increases are intended to generate revenue to develop the economy.

Nonetheless, critics have raised concerns about the new tax imposition and called on the government to review its decision. Bernard Mornah, General Secretary of the People’s National Convection (PNC), has appealed to the government to check the imposition of taxes on certain products in the country.

Speaking on Oman FM on Monday, Mr. Mornah noted with seriousness the need for the government to do tax discrimination in order to improve the lives of the underprivileged society.

He explained that it is incumbent on the government to provide incentives to local producers in the country.


Being particular about cutlass sellers, Bernard Mornah expressed worry over their inclusion in the new tax net, stating that it will serve as a disincentive to them should government impose new taxes on the production of cutlasses in the country.

To him, “If the taxes that we have imposed on the cutlasses are supposed to discourage importation of cutlasses, I will go all for it.

He hoped the new tax increments will help boost domestic productivity.

“Taxes are necessary, but whiles other people are using taxes as a way of boosting domestic productivity - as a way of taking control of their economy; our taxes are the opposite… Let’s do tax discrimination.”

Source: peacefmonline