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My Lebanese employers did not allow me to come bury my mom - Lady shares horrifying story

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Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source:

Bernice Agyeiwaa has added her voice to the brutal treatment young women encounter in Lebanon.

Bernice disclosed that she was misled by connection men to leave Ghana for Lebanon. She was told that she was found to work with Americans and not Lebanese. Bernice was satisfied with this because she would feel comfortable with Americans due to the language.

She was however welcomed with a different fate. Bernice worked with a Lebanese policewoman and a dentist. She worked with the family as a house help for 8 months and was paid for only four months.

During her stay at Lebanon, she lost her mother who lived here in Ghana but was not allowed to come to bury her.

According to Bernice, her madam's reason was that she had not worked for a year yet and had to complete a full year before leaving. Since then, Bernice could barely eat and would collapse intermittently.

Her employer took her back to the Lebanese agent’s office and stayed there for a month. Her workplace was later changed and the situation was not any different.

Bernice revealed that, while staying at the office, a lady was sent back to the office in a bad mental state. According to her, some Lebanese employers poison their workers if they are unable to pay them.

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