My family traumatized over ‘Ameri-Deal’ raid – John Jinapor

Deputy Power Minister John Jinapor1 John Jinapor's house was raided by the police this morning

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 Source: adomfmonline.com

Former Deputy Minister of Power, John Jinapor has described the police raid at his residence Friday morning as ‘traumatizing’ to his family.

The Former deputy Power Minister’s house was raided by some personnel of the Ghana Police Service and National Security on Friday morning in connection with the 2015 Ameri-deal.

The cost of the AMERI deal was $510m and received Parliamentary approval on March 20, 2015.

However, the current government contends that the country had been short-changed by AMERI, stating that, the contractor, PPR, actually built and financed the plant at a cost of $360 million, yet AMERI, which secured the deal, forwarded a bill of $510 million in the agreement.

But according to Mr Jinapor, the police men in charge of raid were armed with AK 47 assault rifles which caused fear and panic in his house.

“My children came out, saw the police men and were much traumatized. They searched everywhere. I was on my way to the parliament. The two policemen were with guns. They said they had a warrant to search my house for documents of the Ameri-deal. They refused to give me a copy of the warrant or the name of whoever authorized it…” he explained on Accra based Okay FM.

John Jinapor indicated that, the policemen refused to allow him to go to Parliament claiming they have it was instructions from above.

“I told them they can’t obstruct me from going to Parliament per constitution. They refused. I asked them who the authorized person from above is. They gave no name. Initially I attempted to resist. But I didn’t for my kids…” he added.

Mr Jinapor said the only item the police took from his home was his mobile phone.

“They said they wanted my laptop. I told them it was at parliament. I indicated they follow me to see the speaker. They refused. They told me to do that myself. They wanted my phone. I could not give them because they were endangering my life but I took the sim out gave it to them…” he said.

The former deputy Power Minister said he has nothing to hide insisting that negotiations in the Ameri power deal were done in due process.

“I will not run away from the Ministry. Whatever I know I will say. I know I am clean. It doesn’t bother me. But what I don’t like is that my kids are not themselves…” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service (GPS), he said, he will be liable to recover his phone on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 1pm.

“I have video evidence. If anyone denies I will produce the evidence. They said Monday I should come to the police station at 1 pm knowing very well that I have a parliamentary duty. They gave me a letter from Ghana Police Service. What bothers me is that my kids are traumatized…” he disclosed.

Source: adomfmonline.com
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