My wife cheated on me because I worked too hard - Man reveals

IMG 3834.jpeg George Oteng in an interview with SVTV

Sun, 20 Nov 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

George Oteng has stated that her wife cheated on her because he worked too hard and barely came home to her.

In a chat on Daily Hustle, Mr Oteng indicated that his wife complained about it, but he didn’t listen. Eventually, Mr Oteng caught his wife with another man.

“I caught her in another man’s house, and she told the police that I didn't listen to her. She says I don’t come often from work, but I was a commercial driver, and mine were long journeys. So I can’t leave without passengers.

My wife’s attitude changed completely. She joined a gang. They went out to bars, drinking and dancing with friends. I almost went mad. I started trailing her and found out she was cheating,” he said.

Mr Oteng and his wife are now separated but now officially divorced. They have five boys together; the first child is 28 years old.

Presently, George fills potholes for a living. He indicated that as a former driver, he understands the dangers of potholes.

“That is what I want to do. I fill the potholes with gravel. So it helps, and I also make a little from it. The V8 people pass here every day, and they don’t even give me a cedi, but the commercial drivers give me money often,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Source: SVTV Africa
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