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My wife is a prostitute – MP yells in public

The Court room was calm as Counsel for the Member of Parliament of Afram Plains South, Joseph Appiah Boateng, began cross-examining his client on charges of assault, brought against Nyakotey and others.

As the hearing progressed with the MP in the witness box, observers were glued to their seat listening with rapt attention as the legislator narrated his story.

After concluding his story, the baton fell on counsel for the plaintiff to establish the facts of assault case leveled against the MP and his Mistress, Patience Akpa, through cross-examination.

But the presiding judge of the Kaneshie District Court, Alhajia Mariama Sinari, having heard so much for the day, adjourned hearing to Wednesday, July 24, 2013.

The MP and his girlfriend are standing trial for allegedly assaulting his wife, Nancy Nyakotey, mother-in-law, Regina Aikins and a taxi driver, Kofi Hagan.


Moments after exiting the court room, the once serene atmosphere was heavily polluted with insults from the former love birds, to the amazement of people gathered at the courtyard.

The MP and his new found mistress, Patience Akpa, and some accompanied sympathizers rained insults on Nancy Nyakotey, calling her all manner of names.

According to Mr. Boateng, the wife was practicing prostitution in Australia where they met and registered their relationship.

The MP, who many thought was going to comport himself in public, then started screaming and shouting on top of his voice, calling her ‘ashawo’, to the surprise of all.

“Which man would be interested in marrying a prostitute like you, with all the many women in Ghana?” the MP queried.


It took the intervention of Police officers detailed at the court to drive him and his allies away.

Joseph Appiah Boateng, during cross-examination by his counsel, Cecilia Asaana, denied the assault charge level against him, saying that the complainants had teamed up to discredit, tarnish, and blackmail and assassinate his character.

The Afram Plains South MP told the court that Nancy Nyakotey is not his wife and that he only registered a relationship with her, which is permitted under the Australian relationship code, a certificate could be issued to singles, individuals, same sex relationships and couples.

Joseph Appiah told the court that on May 26, 2012, he went to Nancy Nyakotey’s house to visit his son, and on his arrival, he met the supposed mother-in-law, Regina Aikins, who invited him for a talk about rekindling the relationship that had gone sour with the daughter.

He explained that the discussion about the relationship was impossible since he already had another woman (Patience Akpa) in his life, who at the time was expecting a child.


“I told her it was Nancy who broke-up with me in Australia, at a time when I needed her and the child,” the MP told the court.

Joseph Appiah Boateng in his evidence told the court that Nancy Nyakotey had asked him to drive her to town, but on reaching her destination, she did not want to alight and had to take her back to her mother’s residence in Achimota.

He said he then drove on with his son in the car, but on getting home, he was shocked to find Nancy lying on his bed, at his private residence in Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra.

After driving her away, the MP said he later received a phone call from his brother that a taxi driver telephoned him with information that Nancy Nyakotey had collapsed and was lying on the ground at Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Not long after the call, witness said Nancy Nyakotey’s family also came to his house looking for her, and he passed on the information from his brother to them, and even volunteered his car and asked his house boy to drive the complainants to Nancy’s location.

“Within five minutes, I saw the car coming back. So I thought the house boy might have left something behind and was coming to pick it. So I went to open the gate, but to my surprise, it was Nancy Nyakotey and her mother, brother, my son and the taxi driver.

“They rushed into the house and found me eating with patience in the porch. Nancy was the first person to attack Patience with a slap, and because Patience was pregnant, I tried to retaliate,” he told the court.

He told the court that Nancy’s brother, mother and the taxi driver did not allow him to separate the two because they came in purposely to beat up Patience Akpa.

Joseph Appiah Boateng denied throwing a stone to damage the taxi’s windscreen, noting; “I only heard about it on air and my brother has even fixed it for him.

Source: The Chronicle