General News Sat, 25 Jun 2016

N/R: Group warns of mayhem in Gonjaland

A group calling itself the concerned youth of the Gonja Traditional area has warned of an insurrection and bloodshed if the overlord of the Gonja kingdom, Yagbonwura Tutumba Sulemani Jakpa Bore-Essa, does not rescind the "unconstitutional acts of duplicating chiefs in various parts of the Gonja Traditional Area".

At a news conference at Damango in the Northern region, the group claimed the chief since his ascension, has created tensions by dubiously creating six parallel chiefs in different parts of the Gonja Traditional Area.

The group cited Sonyo, Mandari, Kabilma, Tinga, Damango, Kafaba and Mankango as some areas the Yagbonwura has duplicated chiefs.

According to the group, these acts of intervention by the Yagbonwura in the selection of chiefs in many parts of the Gonjaland have dangerously placed the whole kingdom on the edge.

Spokesperson of the group Alex Ibrahim explained that in the event of the passing of the Yagbonwura or Bolewura (Chief of Bole), there shall be a chieftaincy war because both Mandari and Sonyo who succeed the Bolewura and the Yagbonwura respectively, have two chiefs, and according to Ibrahim, neither of them will surrender the skin to the other without a fight.

"Kulibuwura Ewuntomah, Chief of kuli traditional area (Mankango) and co-defendant in a matter of embezzlement of public funds paid to the kuli traditional area as a compensation was found guilty by a Tamale High Court. As a result Kulibuwura was deskinned and a new one enskinned in his place. But the Yabgonwura ordered the convicted chief to be retained.

"This is a very clear case of lending support to an accomplice that he (Yagbonwura) has been involved in a matter of embezzlement of public funds and found guilty in court opens him up for impeachment," the said.

The group is also calling for the immediate sack of the chief linguist Afoli Kotochi Losina who they blamed of giving bad counsel to the King.

Warning of a Looming Disaster

The group said it strongly believes the Yagbobwura's very acts of duplicating chiefs and engaging in chieftaincy fraud would spark an internecine conflict that would paralysed the Gonja kingdom.

They suppose the kingdom would be left in unstable, strife-torn and in constant turmoil if the Yagbonwura fails to correct the kingship irregularities before his demise.

According to them the recent shooting incident in kafabar and kalampor was a precursor and foretasted what will happen in the Gonja kingdom if the Yagbonwura does not reverse his unconstitutional acts before he dies.

The statement signed by about six chiefs in the Gonja traditional area ended by encouraging all fair- minded, peace-loving and fearless Gonjas to rise up against the injustice, tyranny and despotism by the Yagbonwura and his 'clique of conniving perfidious chiefs'.

Source: Starrfmonline.com