General News Tue, 17 Jan 2012

NDC To Unleash “Better Ghana” Documentary

Ahead Of Crunch 2012 Elections…

…To wheedle Electorates To Vote For Mills

By The Citizen News Desk

A documentary titled “Better Ghana” currently being put together by the Communication Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress touting the “achievement” of the ‘limping’ President John Evans Atta Mills administration will soon be unleashed on Ghanaians ahead of the 2012 make or break election for the socially-oriented party.

The main aim of the documentary is to shore up the dwindling popularity of President Mills second term presidential bid by playing hard on psychology and emotions of Ghanaians in what has been described by political connoisseurs as a desperate attempt on the part of the NDC to retain power at all cost come 2012.

Well informed sources close the Government Communication Team told The Citizen that the documentary will catalogue “achievements” such as inflation having been reduced to single digit, a stable cedi, Ghana’s economy having been adjudged as the fastest growing economy in the world, massive infrastructural development in the educational and road sectors including a litany of propaganda-laced stories designed to swing the mood of the electorates in favor of the ruling party.

The Citizen has also gathered that, the documentary will also make a comparative analysis of issues such as good governance; corruption and narcotic drug trade with respect to the NDC and NPP Government.

This paper has also found out that the documentary, which will hit the country’s television screens when the campaign for the 2012 election heats up, will also throw damaging dirt on NPP’s Presidential candidate, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo as part of a vile propaganda package of the documentary and tout the perceived good image of the sitting President.

The Citizen will furnish its readers with more information on the “Better Ghana” documentary in its subsequent publications.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper (+233 27 731 4655) thecitizen.news@yahoo.com

Source: The Citizen Newspaper