NDC's defence of AMERI is to save reputation - Vicky Bright

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Thu, 27 Apr 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Former Minister of State Vicky Bright has accused the NDC of seeking the interest of AMERI Power, (the Dubai-based company at the center of the power deal controversy), at the expense of Ghana’s interest and development.

According to her, the previous government, being the sole brain behind the initiation of the agreement are defending it regardless of the facts being presented merely in an effort to save their name and reputation.

“I do understand why the Minority will keep saying it is a good contract because they negotiated it, they are not going to say that they negotiated a bad contract”, she said.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana programme Tuesday, she maintained that the incumbent government will do all in its power to deal with the situation because the contract is a shady one and must be discontinued in the interest of the country.

“I’m sorry to say it is not a good contract, it is not in the best interest of Ghana, and something has to be done about it” she indicated.

Adding his voice to the comments, leader of the committee tasked by government to look into the Ameri deal, Philip Addison said that the Minority’s continuous defence of the deal which from all indications is not a good one only goes to show that they are prioritizing the interest of Ameri over that of Ghana.

He said that ideally, the NDC should have been siding with the current government to abrogate the deal and work towards securing a better one which will make the country’s power situation better and still keep the resources intact. The contrary according to him, is what the opposition NDC is doing.

“if you think you’ve negotiated a good agreement, sit quietly, a good government has come and they think they can get a better deal, what is wrong with that? Its all for the benefit of Ghana,…it beats my mind, whenever I hear them going on and on, I wonder on whose side they are on, are they on the side of Ameri or they are on the side of Ghana, I don’t get it”, he said.

Ms. Vicky Bright on the other hand urged Ghanaians to refocus their minds on the fact that their monies were invested into a contract that hasn’t exuded much positive results rather than focus on issues like the monies that went into business class tickets for members of the Addison Committee for their trip to Dubai.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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