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NDCtalktrue Group

We, NDCtalktrue Group, are very disturbed with the current state of affairs of the internal politics of our great umbrella party.

All Ghanaians are aware that our founding father, H.E. Flt Lt J.J.Rawlings, created this party with the will to move our democracy forward. Lately, this ideology has taken a turn for the worse and our President, H.E. John Dramani Mahama, has, since ascending onto the seat of power, being dragging our reputation in the mud.

We must speak out against his support for Alan Kyeremanteng whose integrity has been seen at the flea market of politics. We are disgusted by the plot of our stalwarts to use Mr. Kyeremanteng to disintegrate the NPP. We all wish to see that the NPP is reduced but to use and abuse our resources in this endeavour is too far-fetched.

At a meeting of both JM and Alan in a secret location at East-Legon, specifically Adjiringanor, Alan was the recipient of $1,000,000 (one million US Dollars) in cash stashed in a Ghana-must-go sac. This is happening right under our noses when the majority who pulled all the tricks in the book to win elections for the NDC have been neglected.

This money would better have been shared amongst the foot soldiers of the NDC who continue to give it the energy and power it survives on.

We appeal to our elders to arrest this situation before it spirals out of hand. Money should not be given to Alan to do John Mahama’s dirty work anymore. We also call on Alan Kyeremanteng to reimburse the money given him otherwise we shall expose him with pictures as the money was being taken away. LET THAT BE A WARNING TO BOTH JOHN MAHAMA AND ALAN KYEREMANTENG!!!

Leave the NPP factions to beat one another for as much as they like. It is not our concern and will never be our worry. We need to concentrate on winning back our credibility that John Mahama has thrown to the dogs while we campaign for Spio Gabrah to contest the flagbeareship of our great party, the NDC.


John Mahama, stop giving Alan Kyeremanteng and his people money while we, who howl for you, are left hungry.

SGD: Prosper Amega

Genereal Secretary

NDCtalktrue Group

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