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NPP Has Lost The Plot On Honours – CPP

It is said that a Country that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for, and thus it is that all Ghanaians have embraced the need for an Honour System.

It is also worth reminding ourselves about the purpose for awarding and honouring people and the interpretation behind the following words – AWARD - to give as a reward for merit; HONOUR – personal integrity, allegiance to moral principles, wining great respect or esteem; and HERO/HEROINE – man or woman distinguished by exceptional courage, idealized for possessing superior quality in any field etc.

The 2008 awards have thus generated much controversy and concern with many Ghanaians questioning whether all on the honours list meet the noble ideals captured by these interpretations.

Many Ghanaians are also puzzled by the shear number of people honoured. In mail after mail received via CPP web and chat sites many bemoaned the lack of transparency in the process and the shambolic and chaotic way in which the NPP Government has handled the issue of honours and awards in our country. Many expressed disappointment in President John Agyekum Kufuor himself after reading his words very carefully - “The Order of the Star and Eagles is to be the highest order of the nation. Henceforth, every new president will be given the colour of the order as he or she is sworn into office. And this order will be worn on all formal national occasions. On successful completion of a term of office, the President will be presented with a replica of the colour, if he or she so desires. This is the rational governing my decision to institute the Order of the Star and Eagles of Ghana as the top of all the state awards created since 1960. This order will be conferred on the president by the Chief Justice.” – noting that he should not have instituted an award which he then awards to himself.

Many added that his Excellency President J.A Kufour (Order of the Star and Eagles of Ghana) awarding himself the highest national honour was more reminiscent of the era of self proclaimed Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa and Field Marshall Idi Amin, rather than an example of a forward looking Ghana ruled by visionary leaders serving their country selflessly


Would it not have been better to trust the verdict of the people and be honoured by a future President? many asked; “The NPP has lost the plot” was another sentiment.

Many Ghanaians have indeed concluded that the NPP has lost the plot on this issue

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