General News Thu, 17 May 2007

NPP In Another 419 Scam?

Hackman’s Affordable Housing Project looking Like Another IFC/CNTCI

(Lens) -- The NPP government recently announced that a memorandum of understanding was signed with a US based company, Global Interest LLC for the construction of about 15,000 houses categorized as affordable houses.

Under the agreement, Global Interest LLC, the company in question, is to finance the construction of one, two and three bedroom apartments for onward sale or rental through the Government of Ghana.

Checks by scouts of The Lens on the US Company are revealing startling disclosures pointing to the fact that the housing deal is most likely another IFC/CNTCI-like 419 scam the NPP government is entering into.

The Lens can reveal that there are serious question marks hanging around Global Interest LLC.

Checks with The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts have shown that the company is not even in good standing.

The company is essentially a one man company having only one director who also holds the position of President. The name of the sole director cum President of Global Interest LLC is Steve Ams.

The Houston Texas based company in whose hands the NPP government has placed the country’s dream of the construction of 15,000 affordable homes, our checks reveal, has not even been able to construct an office of its own and operates from a residential premise located at 9807, Hobart DR, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

The Lens can reveal that the reason why the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has placed the company in the category of “Not In Good Standing” is because the company has not been able to honour its Tax Requirements.

After the massive embarrassment the NPP government has suffered through the IFC/CNTCI scandals, it is amazing that the government can still be committing the nation to a deal without having done the simplest and most basic background checks on parties it wants to deal with.

Source: Lens
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