General News Sat, 24 Nov 2001

NPP MP Declares Support For NDC’s Position

The New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Asante-Akim South, Alex Korankye has become the first and only MP on the majority side to publicly declare support for suggestions that the proposed National Reconciliation Commission should investigate human right abuses committed between 1957 and 1993. He stated that he does not agree with what seems to be the ruling party’s position that the proposed commission should only investigate abuses committed under military regimes.

The NDC Minority has stressed the need for the commission to focus on human rights abuses between 1957 and 1993 but the NPP has strongly opposed it. In an interview with JOY FM, Mr Korankye rejected assertions by some of his party colleagues that looking as far back as 1957 will be a waste of vital resources.


“If the thing is worth doing, then must be done well. If we believe that reconciliation is something that the whole country needs then we should not think about the cost.” Mr Korankye noted that although people have argued that majority of people who suffered atrocities in the 1950’s may not be alive, a few might still be living and they must not be neglected.

Source: Joy Online