General News Thu, 1 Jan 2009

NPP Must Respect The Decision Of Ghanaians

The Concerned Students’ Coalition-USA chapter has followed the 2008 general elections with keen interest and wish to underscore the fact that it is time to call the spade a spade and not a big spoon.

The CSC believes that Ghanaians have spoken in the run-off election and have spoken clearly and therefore their decision must be upheld and respected.

Ghanaians in the past eight years entrusted power into the hands of the NPP, and remained resolute and supportive until the 2008 elections. In view of this, Ghanaians again demonstrated that it was time to change the baton into the hands of another political party. This is why the CSC believes that their decision should be respected.

After the run-off, it is ostensibly crystal clear that Ghanaians yearn for change that reflected in the voting pattern across the nation.


The CSC wants to underpin that the NPP as a party is not bigger than Ghana and must therefore shield their parochial interests in order to safeguard the hard won integrity of our nation in the face of the world.

The whole world is poised to see the outcome of the growing democracy of Ghana in the sub-Sahara Africa in these elections.

It is in the light of this that the NPP must not take Ghanaians for granted so as to mar and trample underneath the high aspiration of our motherland.

The CSC believes the NPP must seek the interest of Ghanaians first and the party second.


We hoped by now the NPP would have come out to concede defeat and congratulate the winner and by so doing maintain their integrity as a party that has a future.

The CSC believes that the NPP has lost sight of the fact that Ghanaians in the future would judge them by their actions today.

In the 2000 elections, the defunct PNDC that metamorphosis into NDC after 19 years in power, for the interest of the nation handed over power peacefully to the NPP.

It goes without saying that the NPP should emulate the spirit of nationhood that was demonstrated by the NDC in the 2000 elections.


John McCain in conceding defeat to Barack Obama reiterated the need to put the nation first and work for the broader interest of the nation and this is what the NPP should be emulating rather than dragging their feet that has the potency of plunging the nation into turmoil.

We want to humbly advise that the NPP should be bold enough to come out to concede defeat so that Ghanaians could continue to repose their trust in them in the future to come.

The CSC believes that Ghanaians have spoken and have spoken clearly.

We congratulate Ghanaians and wish them a prosperous happy New Year.

Long live Ghana, long live CSC-USA chapter.

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