NPP gurus attack journalist at Keta Assembly

Angry NPP Youth 1098x570 The incident caught the attention of a number of bystanders

Sat, 13 Oct 2018 Source: happyghana.com

The newly elected Volta Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Makafui Kofi Woanya and the Municipal Engineer for the Keta Municipal Assembly, Samuel Domprey, have jointly attacked two journalists at the Keta Municipal Coordinating Council, Saturday October 12, 2018.

The journalists, Akpagana-Kesedovo Logah and Eyram Kingsley Ameshi were pursuing an investigation into shoddy works done in constructing some facilities in the Municipality when they were harassed and nearly brutalised by Mr. Woanya and his cohort Mr. Domprey for what, according to the latter, was an attempt to expose the duo to public criticism.

The drama started when the reporters, acting on a directive of the Presiding Member of the Keta Assembly, Richard Kwame Sepe; who doubles as chairman of the Complaints Sub-Committee of Municipality, visited the Municipal Works Department for information on ‘commissioned but unoperational’ public toilets causing public nuisance, threat and chaos among public unrest in the locality.

Mr Samuel Domprey, after listening to the request of the investigative team sacked them while threatening to brutalise them the next time he sees them in his office seeking such information.

“I will make sure I harm you anytime you come close to my office to ask me questions about the Assembly’s projects…I have warned you. If you come, you have yourself to blame,” Mr. Domprey threatened.

He angrily directed the team to the office of the Coordinating Director, where he later came in the company of Mr. Woanya to attack them.

But for the intervention of the Coordinating Director, some clerks and visitors at the office the situation would have been bloody as Mr. Woanya came with what appears to be a pistol hiding in his side pocket but showing through his transparent shirt, aggrieved, chanting, and showering curses and insults on the reporters while he struggled to have closer contact with them.

‘I am prepared, and in the capacity to harm you without redress, I will make sure you don’t get away free…… I want to put on record that I am a well-groomed politician and my party is in power; who are you these useless intruding diversionaries,” Mr. Woanya angrily declared.

The information seekers were protectively escorted from the scene to avert any assault by the arrayed assailants.

Mr. Woanya was, after the scene heard saying, “…that boy [Akpagana-Kesedovo Logah], I will pursue him till he is lost on the way… he is lucky today but I’ll ask my boys to chase him everywhere they see him, he should know we are in power”.

It could be recalled that Mr. Woanya and Mr Domprey have, in similar situation, attacked and assaulted the investigative journalist Akpagana-Kesedovo Logah for advocating the rehabilitation of some deeply-cracked walls of the Anloga market in September 2016.

They threatened to jeopardize his life if he dared investigate operations of the Keta Assembly. This case has been pending investigation at the Keta Divisional Police Command since September, 2016.

Source: happyghana.com
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