NPP will win election 2024, I'll even compose a song for them - Diana Asamoah

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Sat, 26 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Evangelist Diana Asamoah has prophesied victory for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana's next presidential elections and also declared her preparedness to once again compose a campaign song for his beloved party in the run up to the 2024 elections.

The celebrated gospel singer who has vowed to support the NPP also announced that she hasn't regretted her decision to openly campaign and declare her support for the current government.

Diana Asamoah in an interview with GhanaWeb highlighted the government's major achievements which included the Free SHS policy, and the provision of free food, water and electricity for citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Who has regretted campaigning for the NPP? I have never regretted my decision (laughs). It will never happen, not in this life. When they officially commence the 2024 campaign, I will once again compose a song for the NPP. I will do that song, we will win the elections and break the 8.

"Mark my words, it will come to pass in Jesus' name! It will happen live," Diana Asamoah told the host of Talkertainment, Paula Amma Broni.

Although the country is faced with an economic crisis, Diana is hopeful that the president and his able men can turn things around just as they did when the party took office from former president, John Dramani Mahama.

"When Mahama was leaving office, he made it clear that the economy was dead. There was no hope, they had chewed the flesh to the bone. Also, Mahama used to say that Ghanaians have a short memory. I don't have a short memory. I couldn't further my education but I have a very sharp memory and I will forever remember his words. In spite of all these challenges, Nana Addo Dankwa stood on God's word and transformed the nation. He referenced Ezekiel 37 and declared that the dry bones will have life...he also hammered that the battle is still the Lords," she added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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