NRSA officers hit streets to sensitise road users on safety, coronavirus prevention

National Road Safety Authorityrr56y.jpeg Road accidents have claimed a lot of lives in the country

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Eastern region

National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) officers in the Eastern Region have hit the streets and lorry terminals in Koforidua to sensitise drivers and passengers on the need to be safety conscious.

Ghanaweb chanced on these yellow-reflector-jacket wearers in town moving from one vehicle to the other talking to both drivers and passengers and sharing flyers containing road safety education.

At a closer range, Ghanaweb observed that the officers were not only giving road safety education but were also sensitising passengers on Covid-19 prevention.

"Let us ensure we safely reach our destination without any hitch. We are saying that do not wait for it to happen before you speak; speak to prevent it from happening. We believe there will be no eventuality. God does not allow accidents, it is our own small mistakes. We pray God to protect you all to your destinations.

"And now also, let us ensure to wear our nose masks; we plead that we let it cover our noses and faces well. The disease (Covid-19) is still real. So protect your life and that of your neighbour so that we all will be safe," one of the officers was captured advising.

In an interview with Ghanaweb, the Deputy Eastern Regional Manager for the NRSA, and leader of the group, Ms. Indira Apronti, intimated that the vehicle and driving on the road is one instance where the covid-19 virus can spread, hence their reason to embark on the sensitisation exercise.

"Looking at the covid situation we are in now, the vehicle and driving on the road is one instance where the virus can spread. But as it stands now we cannot say we are not moving. We definitely have to move.

"So, as we are moving and ensuring safety and protecting lives on the road, we are also encouraging road users to observe the covid protocols; Wear their nose masks as they are in the vehicles, to be carrying their own sanitisers, sanitise their hands when they hand over money to drivers and when they take their change, they should always sanitise.

"As they are making sure they follow road rules and regulations, they should also stick to the protocols so that in using the road, they will not end up getting the virus," she said.

Ms. Apronti advised drivers to always be cautious about their driving and the driving regulations.

She also reminded passengers that they have a role to play in arriving alive anytime they use the road as passengers.

"They have to help the drivers to look out for other road users on the road. They should look out for other hazards.

"If you are a road user as a passenger, you don’t have to just go and sit in the vehicle and sleep. Before you even board the vehicle, you have to look around the car and observe certain things; you have to know the vehicle number, look at the tyres if they are in good conditions. Look at the side mirrors whether they are there or not, whether the driver is in good state or not.

"As you take off, be looking out for the driver. If there is anything going on in the vehicle or on the road and you think you have to draw the drivers attention too, you have the right to do that politely. If your problem is not solved and you get to any police checkpoint, you report to the police. Road safety is shared responsibility," she advised.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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