General News Wed, 18 Apr 2001

Nation Spends 100 Million A Day On Prez Jet

President Kufuor has explained that the NPP government has decided not to use the Presidential Jet during its travels because the lease agreement surrounding its acquisition is too complex for the country. A committee, he said, has therefore been set up to look into the agreement for a definite solution to be outlined.

According to him, the past government paid $23 million for the leasing of the Jet alone. Furthermore, the country has to pay 100 million Cedis a day for as long as it keeps the jet, which is 25 years old.

Speaking at his first ever press conference, he noted that he has never given an outright directive to the effect that the government will sell the jet as has been alleged by the media.

He said, his government wanted to know the real owners of the jet; the mode of acquisition and other boggling issues surrounding the jet to enable it take a final decision on it. He noted that the government has already exchanged letters to the supposed owners based on which his government would take a final decision.

Source: Joy Online