General News Mon, 9 Sep 2019

National Association of Nzema Students-Ghana elects new executives

The National Association of Nzema Students-Ghana (NANS-GHANA) has elected new Executives to steer the affairs of the association for the next two years.

The main objective of the association is to seek the welfare of students of Nzema from Basic Schools to tertiary institutions across the country.

The National Association of Nzema Students-Ghana was established in 1995 and launched at the Takoradi Polytechnic now Takoradi Technical University.

The Association, since its introduction, has helped so many Nzema students who are now contributing to the development of society.

Some of the past leaders are now top politicians, religious leaders, managers, directors among others.

It has also developed some schools in the three Nzema Districts by providing some social amenities.

The newly elected Executives have a two-year mandate to make the association attractive and fight for the welfare of students from Nzema land.

The newly Executives are; Joseph Awuakah Ellison, the President, Arizie Martin Azanekojo, the Vice President, Kaku Dauda, the Financial Secretary, Enock Bazeh, the Secretary-General, Shadrach Offome Quaicoe, the PRO and Mr. Clement Clintony Blay.

Addressing the gathering over the weekend at Esiama, the elected President, Joseph Awuakah Ellison thanked the entire students of Nzema especially the electoral college for their trust and faith bestowed on him to lead them.

He also thanked his predecessors for laying a strong foundation for him to continue from where they left.

He, therefore seized the opportunity to appeal to all students to rally behind him to serve their keen interest, adding that the journey was a difficult one.

"...With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if I am to walk alone", he said.

He added that "... however we thank our leaders for drafting Constitution that recognizes the importance of other executive members as it is through this synergism that we are going to make sure that our theme; "Ebiem mo Yegyi ye Kpundii, Yeko Yenyunlu" is going to be achieved, because I know for sure that we are truly going to move forward with the help of our Patron and other stakeholders".

He continued that "Let me take this opportunity to thank the previous crop of Leaders, indeed you have done your best to bring the Association this far, a challenge and an avenue for us to continue doing great works you began. I am certain though, that with this team that we have, we shall do much better".

The President pleaded with the well-to-do people in the Nzema land to support the Association to achieve its intended purpose and also welcomed their criticism.

"To our members, Chiefs, politicians and other stakeholders, we still want to say that, in this journey, we cannot make it alone as leaders, but it is through your support, criticism, and encouragement that we shall have something to do together because together we shall continue to make NANS-GHANA a better place for us all, thank you all and God bless you", he concluded.

On his part, the Assembly Member of Kikam who is a tutor at Kikam Technical Institute, Hon. Felix Dickson Ayemeah charged the newly elected Executives to work hard to make the Association a vibrant one.

He advised them against money consciousness and rather think about the welfare of the Association.

He said if the Executives work harder, they would benefit a lot from it and urged them to be committed in the discharge of their duties.

The Assembly Member, therefore, seized the opportunity to appeal to all students to support the Association and also called on politicians, religious leaders, teachers to support the Association.

The Patron of the Association, Mr. Clement Clintony Blay, promised to support the Association to be vibrant and attractive.

He said the Association shouldn't limit itself to only tertiary institutions in Ghana but engage school children at the Basic Level.

He revealed that he had a lot of good educational programs for the Association.

Mr. Blay also seized the occasion to appeal to the three District Assemblies in Nzemaland to factor the Association in their decision-making process to help them address the needs of students in the areas.

The newly elected Executives who were sworn-in immediately after the polls pledged to work harder.

The Headmaster of Kikam Technical Institute presented an undisclosed amount of money to the Association to support their mandate.

Source: Daniel Kaku