New Digital Address System is a scam – Mahama

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Mon, 6 Nov 2017 Source: ghanacrusader.com

Former president Mahama has lashed out at the Akufo Addo government over the new digital address system.

According to the former president, the government swindled Ghanaians by paying for an address system which already existed on the google map platform.

Speaking to a group of NDC sympathizers at a unity walk in Cape Coast the president stated that it is embarrassing for the government to pay for a service that is absolutely free.

“….Otherwise, how can you launch a whopping GPS system that is freely available on our mobile phones and say it is the best national addressing system?… It’s such a pity. Why would you embarrass the president so much?”

He added that the government through its actions is whittling away its honeymoon period.

“… And when you talk about accountability, this is where the president should show that he is serious about corruption. Somebody must account for GHS15miliion given away free of charge.

“When I was in office, there was a bus branding incident, GHS3.6million, a minister of state resigned because of GHS3.6 million. When you come into office and you want to cover up, you can cover up. When things happen you just refuse to investigate them.

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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