Nigerian suspect in Canadian kidnapping case apologises to girls, Ghana, Nigeria

Canadian Girls.png The two Canadian girls who were recently rescued by the police

Mon, 1 Jul 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A Nigerian suspect involved in the kidnapping of the two Canadian girls has rendered an unqualified apology to the victims, the girls’ families, the Government of Ghana and Nigeria for participating in the crime.

Admitting his shame and apologising to the parties involved, the suspect said, “I want to respectfully offer my sincere apology to the affected girls, family and the Republic of Ghana as well as the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the shame brought upon them”.

Samson Aghalor alias Romeo who is the first accused in the kidnapping case indicated that although he played a role in the kidnapping of the two Canadian girls, he is innocent of some charges levelled against him by the state.

According to the suspect, he is being forced by the BNI and CID to accept other charges which he claims he’s totally innocent of and his refusal to do so has earned him torturing over the past three weeks in their custody.

Narrating the incident to Justice George Boadi, Romeo stated that “I also want to reiterate the fact that the BNI and the CID exercise extreme torture and brutality while possibly to accept the statement by the other guys. I was tortured extremely and compelled to write a statement against myself”.

Two other suspects, Yusif Yakubu and Seidu Abubakari who are the 4th and 8th accused persons respectively also made similar allegations stating how the BNI brutally tortures them. Yusif claimed hot water was poured on him causing injury to his back while in custody and Seidu also claimed his back got swollen from the torture.

But Justice George Boadi when he ordered Seidu to take off his shirt said he didn’t see any visible mark or signs of injury on him; telling Seidu’s lawyer, Andrew Votira to investigate the claims and make the application for bail upon his findings.

However, Senior State Attorney in charge of the case, Hilda Criag debunked the torturing claims by the suspects.

According to her, they are “fabricated stories aimed at making the BNI look bad”.

The court has meanwhile issued a warrant for the arrest of two other persons identified only as Derry and Mohammed following an application by the Senior State Attorney who explained they are connected to the crime.

Justice Boadi remanded all 8 accused persons into the custody of the BNI adjourning the case to July 15.


The girls, Bailey Jordan Chitty, 20, and Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley, 19, were kidnapped at a house at Akyease in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti region.

Their captivity lasted seven days after they were forced into a taxi on June 4. The Police arrested 10 persons in connection with the kidnapping. They include three Nigerians said to have masterminded the operation.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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