Nii Lantey and his NDC 'lacked scientific approach to sports' - MP

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 Source: Ghana Guardian

Member of Parliament for Ahafo Ano North constituency in the Ashanti region has fired back at former Sports Minister Nii Laney Vanderpuye, saying he and his NDC party are wallowing in "wishful thinking".

Hon. Suleman Adamu Sanid released harsh attacks on Nii Lantey after the Odododiodio MP slammed the President Nana Addo for saying he "has completely forgotten about the white paper on the 2014 World Cup Commission of Enquiry.

Nii Laney,who served as the last of three of sports ministers to serve under erstwhile John Mahama administration, on Friday slammed the NPP administration, rating them 10% out of 100.

According to the MP for Odododiodio, the NDC "would have implemented recommendations of the Government white paper if the party had won the 2016 election".

But the MP for Ahafo Ano,who is a member of the Parliamentary select committee on sports,has hit back, saying the NDC while in power lacked scientific approach to sports management.

"What Nii Lantey is saying is laughable and shows the NDC is still acting as if they are on a campaign trail," Suleman told Ash FM.

"All that he is saying can simply be described as wishful thinking, wishful thinking to the extent that they had 8 years to implement all that they wanted."

"Before we left power in December 2008, we had renovated the two stadiums-Accra and Kumasi- and we built two additional ones.

The NDC lacked scientific approach to managing sports and it will be better for Nii Lantey and his NDC to keep their mouth shut"

Honourable Suleman Adamu Sanid shed more light on what the NPP administration has put in place in the coming years.

He revealed the sports ministry is already in the motion of building a community youth resource centres for all Municipal and districts capitals which will mini sports stadiums.

"We have a visionary leader in Nana Addo and we are bringing out something unique for Ghanaians to benefit.

"The ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with is looking facility development and we are now focusing on developing sports from the district level."

"We are going to build sports facilities for every districts and the major municipalities," he added.

Source: Ghana Guardian
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