General News Tue, 8 Jul 2008

Nkrumaists Worldwide Reject Sale of GT

The Coordinating Committee and Members of the Nkrumaist Forum hereby wish to register our unqualified outrage and protest at the blatant dissipation of Ghana's resources and cavalier attitude that the NPP has shown in regard to the sale of Ghana Telecom (GT) to Vodafone. Members of the Forum Disagree with the sale and the non transparent nature of the procedure

For a company that has the capacity to generate over one billion US dollars annually with a potential of over five billion in the next five years, the offering price and projected investment over the next five years is completely insignificant and an insult to the people of Ghana. The NPP must be told in no uncertain terms that this attempt to sell such a valuable national asset without due consultation and due process amounts to nothing but an attempt to hoodwink the good people of Ghana.

The Nkrumaist Forum believes that the sale of GT at the present offering is tantamount to capital economic sabotage of a resource which should be used to enhance the GDP of Ghana and to use as a major source of Ghana's capital resources.

The Nkrumaist Forum calls on all patriotic Ghanaians to question this divestiture with every breath. We demand that Members of Parliament including all Presidential Aspirants in Parliament do the honourable thing and reject the sales agreement for all it is worth. This is one opportunity for Parliament to display its independence as posterity will not forgive them.

The Nkrumaist forum also challenges all Presidential Candidates especially those of the Nkrumaist tradition to make known publicly their views on this matter.

Ghana and Africa has been exploited for too long. After the attainment of political independence we had hoped that our leaders will now take decisions in the supreme interest of the people. But alas what do we see? For instance, it is no secret that between the NDC and NPP to date over 300 state institutions have been divested without anything to show for all these divestiture.

If for nothing at all we can cite companies that have closed down or divested with the attendant loss of jobs for people such as Bonsa tyre factory, the sugar factories (Komenda and Asutuarie), the Kade match factory, Abosso Glass Factory, Ghana Airways etc. The least we can ask of our leaders in the midst of our excruciating poverty and looting of our national resources is transparency from our leaders.

Let all Ghanaians rise up against this sale if that is the last thing we do. The forum will be ready to coordinate with other patriotic Ghanaians willing to pursue an agenda to stop this sale with demonstrations.

On behalf of the Coordinating Committee of the Nkrumaist Forum-

We the undersigned:

Kosi Dedey - Chairman

Ama Adumea Ohene – Secretary

Explo Kofi Nani – Resolution Coordinator

Niagra Santuah – PRO/Organiser

Emelia Arthur – Forum Arbitration Officer

Evans Afienya / Andy Kwawukume – Forum Financial Officers


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