General News Fri, 6 Oct 2000

No fuel sales for foreign vehicles at Aflao

AFLAO - The Ketu District Security Committee (DISEC) has directed that foreign registered vehicles including diplomatic cars entering the Republic of Togo through the Aflao border should not be served with fuel in and around Aflao. Aflao, a border town between Ghana and Togo is noted for smuggling activities in and out of the two countries. The Committee also directed that the sale of petroleum products at fuel stations in the district should cease at 2200 hours and resume at 0500 hours the following day, warning that any dealer who flouts the regulation would be sanctioned.

Mr. Henry Ametefe, Ketu District Chief Executive, told the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday that the directive followed the DISEC's meeting with fuel station managers on September 26, aimed at curbing the rampant smuggling of the commodity to Togo.

The DISEC, he said, also directed the station managers to maintain logbooks to record their fuel supplies for verification by a special task force.

Sale of petroleum products in Jerry cans and drums has been banned unless otherwise directed by the District Director of Agriculture for corn-mill operators, fishermen and urban gardeners, he added.

The Committee has meanwhile, ordered the closure of a petrol dump at Agorko, in Aflao for allegedly selling fuel to smugglers.

Mr. Ametefe said the recent fuel price increase in Togo, where a gallon of petrol now sells at 13,000 cedis, diesel 12,950 cedis and kerosene 12,000 cedis had made the smuggling of petroleum products from Ghana a lucrative venture.

The DCE accused the filling station managers of allocating large quantities of their consignment of kerosene to agents for sale at 12,000 cedis per gallon instead of the official price of 6,000 cedis. He said the security agencies in the district have intensified their land and sea patrols and called on the public to report any dubious dealings in fuel products to the police.

Sources close to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) at Aflao said a number of alleged fuel smugglers have been arrested in the area

Source: GNA