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Normalization Committee can't rename GFA - Fred Pappoe

Former Ghana Football Association vice president, Fred Pappoe has advised the GFA Normalization Committee against the decision to change the name and logo of the country's football governing body.

There have been reports in the local media indicating that the NC has proposed a change in the logo and the name of the Ghana Football Association to ‘Association of Ghana Football’.

Following this, the Normalization Committee has received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians especially those in the football fraternity about their intention to change the name and logo of the FA.

“I am not a lawyer but common sense tells me that only directors or owners of an entity can change its name or logo and governance structure. I think from these recommendations one can see an intention to do away with the GFA as exists now. Whoever made these recommendations must explain things to Congress before members can decide on whether to vote for or against.” he told Happy FM

“As it stands now, I don’t see the relevance of changing name and structure unless the proponents convince us as to why we need these changes. In any case, Congress must ratify these recommendations before they can come to life.

“The recommendations put forward will make the structure of the Ghana FA different from other Federations and the justification for that should be made clear to us,” he added.

Source: footballghana.com
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