Sports News Sun, 28 Apr 2019

Ntow Fianko lash Normalization Committee over protest fees

Former Division One League Board Chairman Lawyer Kwame Ntow Fianko has heavily lashed the Ghana Football Association’s Normalization Committee, stating that they have no right to increase protest fees of GHC 1000 since it has not been approved by Congress.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Fox FM, the Lawyer by practice, Ntow Fianko explained that the Normalization Committee has evoked Article 15 of the Regulations which empowers them to be able to increase or reduce the protest fees to be paid by the clubs.

“You have evoked the provisions of Article 15 (2) (3) of the GFA Regulations which gives you the power to fine clubs and increase or reduce protest fees,you have not adopted it by way of going to Congress, they have acted intra vires within the locus of the law because they have not accepted to use the GFA Regulations”.

Ntow added that the Normalization Committee does not also have the power to punish these clubs and should the clubs contest the case in court they will win.

“The Normalization Committee does not have the power to increase or reduce protest fees since they have not been to Congress”.

“They have no power to ban any club because they have no power to impose a fine of GHC 1000 since they have not adopted the GFA Regulations yet, in that case, they have acted intra vires within their powers (locus) and if anybody takes it to court it will be squashed!”

“It is only Congress that approves fines, protest fees, so you have not been to Congress where do you get the power, so tell the Normalization Committee to learn the law if they don’t know”.

Source: footballghana.com