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Married but haunted: The bizarre story of a nurse who snatched woman's husband by manipulating DNA test result

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Sun, 19 Nov 2023 Source:

The stories surrounding DNA tests are likely not to just shake the foundation of a relationship but to bring down the entire relationship.

The trust and belief in a partner are shattered when one is found to be lying about the paternity or maternity of an offspring.

Oftentimes than not, it is very hard to hear about the manipulation of DNA test results behind the scenes as one wonders how true and easy it is to have it done.

However, that is not the case for this lady who appeared on Confessions with Miss Nancy on TV3.

During the confession segment of the show, the lady who is a nurse described how she snatched the husband of a woman by manipulating DNA test results.

In her narration, she explained that her current husband walked into the hospital one day to request a paternity test on his three children.

The tests proved him as the father of the children but her desire to have the man to herself caused her to swap the DNA test results and this led to the man divorcing his wife.

“I work in a hospital and deal with different patients from different walks of life. Some years ago, I handled this gentleman who came to the hospital with his three children to have a paternity test because he suspects his wife. Honestly, this man looks very good. And his children looked so adorable, and they looked so much like him. I knew instantly I liked him and wished I had him to myself. He was asked to come for his results some days after.

“Miss Nancy. The kids are his. But I swapped his results, and that shook this man as the result I gave him says the children aren't his. I took his number so I could communicate with him and console him sometimes. We kept our communications up, and he confirmed he divorced his wife,” she narrated.

She furthered that the ex-wife of her husband is dead after worrying so much about the split between her and her husband.

“After some time, one thing led to another, and we are now married with a child, making four kids for him. I got the news that the woman is dead now because she's been worrying about the issue since the divorce, and it's been haunting me.

“My husband is very happy now, but I'm having difficulty living with myself in the house when I think of the woman dying because of what I did,” she added.


Wath the full confession below: