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Nyantakyi and fellow Muslims break fast at Jawula’s residence

The former GFA Chairman, Alhaji Lepowura MND Jawula hosted his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters over the weekend at his residence for a special iftar (breaking of fasting).

In attendance was the outgoing GFA President who resigned his post a couple of days ago due to some allegations levelled against him by the Tiger Eye PI led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

It was a night to appreciate a solid Muslim with unshakeable faith in Allah regardless of the humiliation, mocking, vilifications, attacks and insults. He only reiterated, ” I leave everything to Allah and will live to tell my story one day, Insha Allah”

There were many prominent Muslim Clerics and Politicians who were in attendance and took time to commensurate with Nyantakyi and urged him to stand firm as a Muslim and wait for Allah to past His judgement in due course.

It was a moment of pain and agony when Lepowura made his submission and wondered how entrapment has become a justification for damaging the hard-won reputation of the finest Ghanaian football Administrators who have unparalleled and unprecedented achievements in Ghana, Africa and the whole of the world.


Lepowura ended by providing some supplications to Nyantakyi to recite for Allah to help him overcome the physical, emotional and psychological trauma.

“Issues regarding Nyantakyi took a turn ever since he publicly sworn with the Holy Quran at the 2014 Brazil Gyamefe Commission” Lepowura stated.

Former Ghana Ambassador to Egypt, His Excellency Ahmed Umar Sander expressed profound gratitude to Allah(SWT) for offering Nyantakyi the energy and faith at this crucial and tormenting period of his life. Imam Sander focused his submission on the statement of trials Allah assured his servants(believers) in the Holy Quran and the assurances He gave to those who will acknowledge and appreciate those trials for long-lasting rewards in this world and the hereafter.

Alhaji Hudu Yahaya, a legal luminary also expressed his joy for seeing Kwesi Nyantakyi at such an important event. He encouraged Nyantakyi to stand by Allah at this crucial time regardless of the pain and agony. After quoting some verses from the Holy Quran he assured Nyantakyi of Allah’s blessings upon him.

“The truth shall come out” Alhaji Hudu Yahya concluded. Nyantakyi participated in every aspect of the iftar including the breaking of the fasting (fruits, water and koko), Magrib,Isha and Tarawee prayers. It was more refreshing when all the dignitaries moved into the parlour of Lepowura and a topic was introduced with Nyantakyi making profound contributions as if nothing has happened to him.

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