General News Sun, 20 Jul 2008

Older generation urged to tell CPP story to the youth

Soakage, (V/R), July 20, GNA-The Flag bearer of the Convention Peoples' Party, Dr Paa Kwesi Ndoum on Saturday urged the older generation to tell the youth the "CPP's glorious history". He said Ghanaians needed to rediscover the "lost glory of yester-years"

by voting the CPP into power as the best alternative to both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC), which he said, have dashed the hopes of the country".

Dr Ndoum made the call at a rally at Sogakope where hundreds of people queued to take advantage of the party's free membership registration. "Rediscover your lost glory in the CPP the only party to give you the jobs, you want, the education that gives you the skills and direction of national development as it did from 1957 to 1965", he exhorted. Dr. Ndoum said the common man in Ghana today is poorer and more frustrated following years of misrule and urged the youth to look into their pockets and reject both the NPP and the NDC for the CPP. "Before coming into power the NPP asked Ghanaians to look at their living conditions before voting, today I ask Ghanaians to look into their pockets to examine whether they are poorer or not to be able to vote wisely", he said.


Dr Ndoum asserted that from the Presidential to the Parliamentary candidates in this year's elections, the CPP is the only party fielding the most youthful, vibrant and competitive candidates who best understand the pains and aspirations of the country's youth and capable of addressing them. He said education and job creation would remain the top priority of his government and that the current management of the Free Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE) was not the best and promised that the CPP would run it better.

Dr Kwesi Sarfo, a leading member of the party said the CPP government would reach out for the rich skills and the abundant intellectual resources in the Volta Region to advance the course of the region's development and that of the country. Dr Kwesi Asilevi, an Engineer and Lecturer at the Regional Maritime Academy and the party's parliamentary candidate for South Tongu, said a CPP victory would amount to a "resurrection of the country". 20 July 08.

Source: GNA